Credit Card Loan

Simply put it is a convenient method where you pay for almost anything with the help of your bank. The bank gives you money to spend on items ranging from groceries to cars. We need to remember here that we are borrowing money and hence we need to repay the bank every month. Hence your calculations have to be perfect and your borrowings should not affect your monthly household expenses. If it does then everything will go haywire.

Banks typically check your credit history before issuing a credit card. If your credit history is poor you may be refused credit.

Once the credit card is issued, the bank sets a credit limit which is the maximum amount you can spend every month. After this the bank sends you a monthly statement indicating the total spends from your side and the minimum payment due.

Here it should be noted that people tend to overspend and then find it difficult to clear even the minimum payments. Therefore always use credit as a last resort. Also remember to clear more than the Minimum due payment. If you clear only the minimum amount, the next bill will calculate the interest on the outstanding amount. If you allow this to happen every month, your outstanding will be huge and it will become difficult to clear the debts.

Credit cards provide you the facility to withdraw cash from an ATM. There is usually a fee for such withdrawals which is higher than the standard rates. Also there is no interest free period. So your interest calculations starts from the moment you withdraw cash.

In the end it can be summarized that Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for almost all types of goods & services if used intelligently.

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