Home Loan

It is the dream of every family to own a dream home. About 25 years back it was way too difficult to buy your house. Today the outlook has changed and many people prefer to have a home of their own. But the rising incomes has not kept pace with the rise in the property prices. Hence it is difficult for the average person to buy a home with his own money. That is where a lot of banks and NBFCs help you out by providing home loans at competitive rates.

Eligibility Requirements

Indian national who should be salaried/ self employed /professional can apply for a Home loan

You should have a regular source of income. In case you are running a business then the profit earned by you becomes the source for determining your housing loan value.

Should be minimum 21 years of age. Stable work experience.

Credit history. A clean credit history will help in quick loan approval.

Features of Home Loan

  • The lender which in this case will be a bank or NBFC gives you a loan while using your home as a collateral. Hence Home loans are called as secured loans. If in case you are unable to reply the loan, the bank will auction your property to recover the outstanding loan amount.
  • Repayment periods are longer. It can range anywhere from 5 years to 30 years.
  • Prepayment of loans is possible. In this case the bank will charge a prepayment amount to the borrower.
  • Tax benefits on home loans are provided under relevant sections of the Income Tax Act.
  • Interest rates on a Home loan is lower as compared to a Personal Loan. This is because Home loan is a secured loan.

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Factors to consider while finalizing a home loan

Eligibility factor

Check the eligibility factor. Usually banks determine an individual’s eligibility by analyzing his age, income, credit history. Understand what are the factors taken by the bank to consider your eligibility.

Rate of interest

Rate of interest. There are 2 types of interest - Fixed & Floating. For shorter tenures banks go for a fixed rate of interest and for longer tenures they opt for a Floating rate of interest. Some bank also provide a hybrid model where in you can enjoy the benefits of both interest rates.

Additional charges

There are additional charges like processing charges, foreclosure charges etc. It is best to understand from the lender about these hidden charges before finalizing else you may feel cheated.

Terms & conditions

Understanding the terms & conditions related to prepayment, foreclosure and many other things are very important before finalizing on the home loan service provider.