Book your tickets for Europe now with a cheap and easy-to-repay Personal Loan

It is almost impossible to not have Europe on your list of places to visit if you are an avid traveler or explorer. Not only it is home to some of the most famous countries such as England, France, Germany, Italy etc., but also has something for almost everyone. If you are someone who enjoys history there are some amazing museums and locations to visit. You will find ample opportunities for parties and nightlife while munching on to some of the finest cuisines. Right from the Colosseum in Rome to The Louvre in Paris, from the Grand Canal in Venice to Florence Cathedral, there is a lot to choose from. In fact, it will be a tough time in deciding which all places to visit.

But even before you get on to the planning for a trip across Europe, there is another herculean task at your hands, funds. Yes, the prices of flight tickets and hotels might have come down a lot over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean the entire trip will be cheap by any margins. There are ways of cutting down costs on a trip, but you would need access to funds even for those. You can always push the trip for a further date like you always have been, or book the tickets right away with the help of a PL.

What is a PL?

A PL is a personal loan that you can acquire from a bank for any purpose you wish to, in this case, a trip to Europe. Unlike most other loan types, a PL or personal loan does not require you to submit any form of collateral. It is because of this reason that a personal loan is categorized as an unsecured loan. Here are some reasons why you should consider a personal loan for that long awaiting Europe trip.

  • Fast

A personal loan is fast in every sense. Right from the time you fill up the application form until the bank disburses the amount to your account, it is a matter of a couple of days at the maximum. Some banks even guarantee to provide the loan within 48 hours. If you consider the amount of time taken for other loans to process, that is incredibly fast.

  • Any purpose

As already mentioned, you need not have a specific reason for taking home a personal loan. There are some don’ts when it comes to personal loans such as usage of funds for buying gold or criminal activities of any sorts. But for your Europe trip, there won’t be any questions.

  • Choice of EMI

Depending on your lender or bank, you can opt for a repayment schedule that works for you. You can either opt for a higher EMI and finish up the loan fast or opt for a longer tenure of repayment so that the EMI is not so steep. Some banks allow you to repay a personal loan up to 7 years.

  • Competition

With a constant increase in the number of lenders providing you with personal loans, the interest rates have come down. You essentially end up paying a lesser amount of interest that you would have normally.

  • Fixed rate of interest

Once you have secured a loan with the lower interest rate, you can relax for the remaining tenure, as personal loans have fixed interest rates. A fixed EMI also gives you peace of mind as you do not have to constantly worry about the EMI amount fluctuating.

With a host of banks to choose from when it comes to a personal loan, the chances of you ending up with a loan with lower interest rates is pretty high. And the option of cheap and easy to repay personal loan means you can go ahead and book the tickets for your Europe trip and not cancel/postpone it like always.

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